Four Vaginal Hospital Birth Stories Spanning Over 13 Years

Sheena shared 4 vaginal births spanning 13 years. Every pregnancy and birth is different.

His first, at 22 years old. She experienced severe morning sickness and was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. A 14-hour hospital induction with an epidural failed during the long pushing phase. An episiotomy was required during the delivery and she began bleeding. A blood transfusion was almost necessary, but luckily the bleeding stopped. He had no idea that recovery would be so difficult.

Sheena’s second pregnancy was her easiest. A breech baby that finally flipped at 37 weeks. A painless, quick induction. She even managed to pull her baby out and onto her chest. Unfortunately, the rapid delivery caused her earlier episiotomy scar and tears to reopen.

Her third pregnancy was a surprise, 8 years after her second. Sheena had a lot of mixed emotions with this pregnancy and felt guilty in the beginning. Soon she starts to get excited and excited when she finds an incredible OB. Her pregnancy was relatively easy and she gave birth after a membrane at 39 weeks. A shoulder dystocia caused some panic, but quickly resolved with the McRoberts maneuver.

Sheena’s last child was conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic. A subchorianic hematoma and a marginal cord insertion, which was done for further monitoring throughout her pregnancy. She also experienced prodromal labor for the first time and it lasted several weeks. He was induced and the induction started slowly, but picked up towards the end. He went from 6 centimeters to a baby in his arms in 12 minutes.

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