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Funny Twin Quotes – humorous sayings about twin babies and twins

A heavy dose of humor and some funny twin quotes always help keep one’s sanity in the thrilling ride of new parenthood with baby twins and growing twins. It can be overwhelming, but it is also filled with double joy and love.

Congratulations on the birth of your newborn twins, a double dose of love and laughter. Don’t forget to take time to appreciate special moments and celebrate the unique bond that twins share.

Let’s make your day and celebrate twin parenting with these fun quotes about twins.

Do you see the bullshit!?

Funny Twin Sayings To Brighten Your (Stressful) Day:

You used to have time. Now you have twins!

Having twins is like being a member of a club where the membership fee is short of sleep, but where the rewards of twin smiles are well worth it!

Wondering why the parents of twins look so happy? Maybe it’s because they are too tired to express any other emotions.

A good neighbor will watch out. A great neighbor nanny to twins!

Twins are just proof that parents can be in two places at once… That’s multi-tasking at its best!

Sleep when the baby sleeps? Excellent advice, just let me explain that to another…

Twins seem like a great gift… That’s why you question the sanity of the gift giver.

More Funny Twin Quotes

“Are they twins?” – ” No, I found the super kid in the parking lot and thought why not?”

————————————————- – ——

“Are they twins?” – “No, it’s buy one, get one free…”

————————————————- – ——

“Are they twins?” – ” They are no triplets. I just leave the ugly one at home.”

————————————————- – ——

Yes, they’re twins – and yes, I’m tired.

Having twins means there’s no need to say sorry – because you’re always busy changing one’s nappy.

They say, ‘A child fills a place in your heart you didn’t know was empty.’ In twins, that’s double the filling, twice the mess, and amazingly, it’s still the same heart!

Twins: because just one isn’t happy enough!

Who said superhero powers aren’t real? Parents of twins seem to change diapers at the speed of light!

Double the giggles and double the smiles, and double the trouble, if you’re blessed with twins.

Managing the twins is an adventure called “Survivor: The Twin Edition”! Embrace the ups and downs and remember, laughter often serves as the best survival strategy.

Parenting twins is like being a professional juggler – the balls just keep multiplying.

Twins, two for the price of one? No, two for the price of two. All they share is a womb and their birthday!

Seeing double is not always a sign of too many nights. Sometimes, it just means you’re the parent of twins!

Twins are nature’s way of showing us that we can, in fact, multiply love.

Silence is golden. Unless you have twins. Then the silence was just suspicious.

Parents of twins redefine the meaning of ‘double trouble’ and ‘twice the love’.

There are two things in life that we are never really prepared for: twins. (Josh Billings)

Twins: Because raising one by one is so easy!

The best thing about having twins is that you get twice the hugs and kisses. The hardest thing? You also get twice the spit-ups and full diapers.

When God sees a face he likes, he does it twice!

With twins, parents become experts at the phrase, “This or that?”

Why settle for a single performance when you can have a symphony? That’s twins for you!

Have you ever wondered why the parents of twins look so fit? Running around with two little kids will do that to you!

Your personalized mug with the names of the twins (2 girls, girl and boy, 2 boys) and the cute saying: twin mommies are like buttons. They bring everything together.


More Funny Twin Quotes

Twins: born with best friends!

Having twins means twice the diaper changes, but also twice the first smiles, twice the first steps, and twice their first words.

When you have 4-year-old twins, you get to dance like an idiot, often. And I do. (Neil Patrick Harris)

With twins, bedtime stories become twice as long and twice as magical.

For twins, every day is like April Fool’s Day. But the joke is on you … every time!

You know you’re a mother of multiples when you see people with one baby struggling and you think, “A baby? I’m laughing at your one baby!”.

Twins are like a box of chocolates: if you wait too long, they’ll melt all over your carpet!

Not twice the trouble, but twice the blessing!

Baby twins: born together, raised together – friends forever!

Twins: Making the world a happier place, two babies at a time!

Dealing with twins is like signing up for a 2-for-1 deal of a lifetime.

Parenting twins: Double the trouble means double the stories to tell!

Duplicates are boring, but twins are twice the spice of life!

Twins: two distinct souls united at birth.

Superpower of twin parents: I (we) are not afraid of anything. I (we) have two children who look alike.

Twin mother’s mantra: I can do it quite a bit. I brought two little people into the world.

For your funny twin birth announcement: “We used to have time. Now we have twins!”

What To Use Funny Twin Quotes For

    • Celebrating twins: If you know someone who recently had twins, you may want to include funny quotes in a congratulatory card or message.
    • Twins themed gift: If you’re giving a twin-related gift, a funny quote will add a personal touch.
    • Social media posts, birth announcements and scrapbooks: Funny twin quotes are great for captioning twin photos for platforms like Instagram. As a parent you can use these funny sayings for your photo scrapbook, for your birth announcement or later for birthday party invitations or even for the twins’ wedding.
    • Speeches or toasts: If you’re giving a speech or a toast at a twin-related event, a funny quote or saying can entertain the audience.
    • Personal entertainment: Some people just enjoy collecting and sharing funny quotes of all kinds for personal entertainment.

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