Amniotic Fluid Embolism Birth Story + Supporting Others through their own Birth Trauma

Kayleigh @thebirthtrauma_mama had a healthy, uncomplicated pregnancy. As a first-time mother, she knows birth is one of the most challenging, but hopefully beautiful and empowering experiences of her life. He prepared in every way for his birth, but what he didn’t prepare for, what he couldn’t prepare for was almost losing his life in the process. Kayleigh experienced an Amniotic Fluid Embolism when she was 10cm dilated with her son. She required a perimortem c-section, receiving CPR while her baby was being delivered. Through the tireless work of her incredible medical team and days of life-saving interventions, Kayleigh and her son both survived. But, he soon realized, leaving the hospital was just the beginning of this journey. The trauma of the birth and its far-reaching effects would devastate her first postpartum year and forever change her life. This experience served as a catalyst for supporting and promoting Kayleigh’s work within the birth trauma community.

*Amniotic Fluid Embolism is an incredibly rare, life-threatening obstetric emergency. Please visit @afefoundation to learn more.

Kayleigh Summers Bio

Kayleigh Summers is a licensed clinical social worker and private practice owner in Downingtown, PA. She specializes in perinatal trauma and has specific training in both perinatal mental health and EMDR. Kayleigh uses her training as a licensed therapist and her lived experience as a survivor of Amniotic Fluid Embolism to treat and support families experiencing perinatal trauma. Kayleigh has also created thriving birth trauma support communities through Instagram and Tik Tok, as well as her podcast, where she provides connection, story sharing, and resources to support those experiencing birth and other trauma.

Connect with Kayleigh on Instagram and TikTok- @thebirthtrauma_mama, or through him podcast.


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