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Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

If you’re planning a Gender Reveal party, you probably want some fun Gender Reveal party food ideas!

A Gender Reveal is a fun way to get everyone involved in the excitement of your new arrival. And the Gender Reveal party is one of our favorite celebrations! What could be more fun than gathering your closest friends and family together to find out at once whether your new baby is a boy or a girl.

Do you serve food at a Gender Reveal?

A Gender Reveal party usually lasts a few hours so it’s a good idea to serve some snacks or finger food. That way, while your guests wait for the baby’s gender reveal, they can enjoy a meal.

Pink and blue-themed Gender Reveal party food is a fun way to bring your party theme into your food. And there are plenty of great Gender Reveal party food ideas to choose from.

Here are our favorites!

Best Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

Gender Reveal Donuts

Next up, Gender Reveal donuts! Either buy plain ones and decorate yourself in colors to match your theme (probably pink or blue!). Or get some custom-made ones that say “Oh Baby” like these cute donuts!

Pink and Blue Cupcakes

Pink and blue cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat as a Gender Reveal party food. If you’re ready with a piping bag then take inspiration from these beautiful cakes and go wild with pink and blue frosting. Alternatively, get a professional to do them for you!

Gender-Indicative Cookies

Today, almost everyone loves pretty iced cookies. And while you’ll often see them at a Baby Shower, they also make a great Gender Reveal party food idea. You can make your own (here’s a great recipe). Or ask one of the pros to make it for you in cute baby themed shapes like prams, bodysuits and baby shoes!

Gender Reveal Cake

Gender Reveal cake can be a great way of revealing your Baby’s gender. And there are several ways a Gender Reveal cake can work. You can fill the center of the cake with colored candy like this. Or you can use food coloring to color the actual sponge pink or blue. Alternatively, you can make the frosting on the inside of the cake pink or blue.

Or maybe you do the big reveal another way, and the cake is the highlight of the meal served. Either way, your guests will love this Gender Reveal pinata cake!

Pink and Blue Chia Seed Puddings

Now, these beautiful puddings not only look super pretty but are a healthy treat for everyone! If you’re looking for a Gender Reveal superfood, this one’s for you! Colorful coconut chia seed puddings with @rawnice Natural spirulina and beet powders not only look lovely but taste good too. You see Crystal’s Chia Seed pudding recipe here.

Gender Reveals Strawberries

pink and blue gender shows strawberries

Gender Reveal strawberries are a healthy(ish) treat perfect for a Gender Reveal Party. If you’re looking for a fruit treat to add to your food offering, this is a great idea. Plus, they’re super easy to make. A touch of pink and blue food coloring colors the white chocolate. Check out our how to make Gender Reveal strawberries here.

Pink and Blue Healthy Ice Cream Jars

Not only do these beautiful ice cream jars look divine, but they are super healthy too! Here is the recipe from Healthy Living Ellie

Pink Jar:
💖Banana (frozen)
💖Mango (frozen)
💖Frozen raspberries
💖1 scoop of protein powder @bulk birthday cake flavor
💖1 tsp pink pitaya powder @rawnice
💖100ml @alpro coconut milk

Blue Jar:
💙Frozen banana
💙Frozen mango
💙1 scoop of protein powder @bulk birthday cake flavor
💙1 tsp Blue spirulina powder @rawnice
💙100 ml @alpro coconut milk

Pink and Blue Cotton Candy

gender shows cotton candy

Cotton candy is a party favorite and looks really good in pink and blue. You can make your own with a machine like this. Or you can make your own without a machine, check out this recipe here. Swirl it on a stick or use it to decorate cupcakes and drinks.

Decorated Gingerbread

gender reveal gingerbread man

Gingerbread cookies are fun for a Gender Reveal party because they’re easy to decorate in pink and blue to look like little boys or little girls. Make your own here easy to follow recipe. And you can even give them baby booties and bodysuits if you want!

Gender Reveal Cake Pops

Now, Gender Reveal cake pops look like a cute and fun alternative to cupcakes. If you’re up for the challenge, you can make your own. Or have them custom-made if you want something more special!

Go all out by creating baby faces complete with pacifiers like these adorable Gender Reveal cake pops.


pink macarons for gender reveal

If you want to go all out with a pink and blue theme, macarons are your new best friend. They often come in gorgeous pinks and blues and look really good on a party table. Especially if you’re hosting a Tea Party-style event.

Pink and Blue Ice Cream

gender reveal ice cream

If your Gender Reveal is in the summer, ice cream is a great food option! Choose strawberry and blueberry flavors served in cones to keep with the pink and blue theme! Keep them in the freezer until the last minute, then serve and eat!

Babies in blankets

A cute take on the old favorite pigs in blankets, serve mini sausages wrapped in pastry as a cute savory bite for your guests.

Colored popcorn

Pink and blue popcorn served in paper cones is another fun food idea for a Gender Reveal party. Just add a few drops of pink and blue food coloring to your popcorn when you add the salt or sugar and give the bowl a big shake.

More Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

Of course, you might want to balance out the sweet treats at your Gender Reveal party with some tasty treats. And there are some party foods that are winners no matter the event.

A cheese and meat platter is a go-to that your guests will love. You can create a large grazing platter or a smaller cheese board and add fruits, nuts, olives, crackers and dips. In other words, anything goes on a grazing platter and it’s a great accompaniment to pink and blue desserts.

Other great Gender Reveal finger foods include:

  • Mini pizzas
  • Sausage rolls
  • Chicken skewers
  • Sandwiches
  • Mini quiches
  • Vegetable sticks and dip
  • Mini burgers
  • Vegetable kebabs

What drinks to serve at a Gender Reveal Party?

If you’re happy to serve wine, then a glass of champagne or bubbles is a great way to toast the reveal when it’s over (except for the Mum-to-be of course).

Pink lemonade is always fun, and you can make your own blue lemonade with a drop of blue food coloring.

Sparkling water, juice and other soft drinks are also good to have.

Final Note on Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

Of course, planning a Gender Reveal party is an exciting event to organize! And hopefully, we’ve given you some fun ideas for the best foods to serve at a Gender Reveal.

If you’re looking for more Gender Reveal party ideas, then check out our party pages here. Happy planning!

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