Kelly Mi Li Shares Her Breastfeeding Journey

Bling Empire Star Kelly Mi Li opens up about one of the hardest parts of being a new mom—breastfeeding.

In a recent episode of Love and RIce along with Christina and Ant Ma, Mi Li got straight to her breastfeeding struggles when asked about the hardest part of being a new mom. “The hardest thing I’ve ever had in life is breastfeeding,” the reality TV star said.

“I thought I’d done enough research, I thought my moms had enough, but for some reason, I didn’t know breastfeeding was hard, I just thought it was natural, but it’s so hard.”

Serial entrepreneur and mom to 8-month-old Mili Ma explains how difficult the first two months can be between latching issues and the brutal feeding cycle. “There was a point I was feeding her, supplementing because I wasn’t producing enough, and then I pump, and it starts to cycle all over again. And then you have so many bottles to wash that it’s crazy so it’s really hard and very stressful.”

Ma and Mi Li also mentioned the mom guilt caused by breastfeeding issues. “When you’re a new mother, you’re like, ‘oh I’m missing out because I can’t produce milk’ or ‘I can’t latch the baby like I used to. wrong,’ so it’s like you want to feel guilty in a sense,” Ma added.

“Oh yeah, and it’s like feeling like you are not able to feed your own baby it’s like a sad feeling and frustrating feeling and I was just so defeated you know. So that’s really hard,” Mi Li said.

Through it all, Mi Li credits her family and support system for helping her stay afloat. “I was really lucky that I had a lot of support at home when Milli was born. That was actually really helpful so I was never really alone and I had a lot of visitors so you know if I just wanted to rest for a little bit I was able to pass him on to someone you know and food that was made for me,” added Mi Li .

The reality TV star also noted that despite how lucky she is, she has “so much respect for single moms. They’re heroes.”

Mi Li officially welcomed her daughter with boyfriend William Ma in April. The film producer and entrepreneur introduced his new addition to the world through an Instagram post. “Happy birthday to our little Easter bunny,” Mi Li captioned a carousel of photos featuring her holding her baby girl. “After over 24 hours of work, you’re finally here! You are surrounded by so much love and kindness, and so many people to meet. Welcome to the world, we can’t wait to show you around!”

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