Massachusetts Dept. of Health threatens healthcare professionals over abortion pill reversal

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health (DPH) sent a memo to all licensed health care professionals last week, warning them against practicing “in violation of good and accepted nursing practice.” An example used by DPH as an unacceptable health care practice is Abortion Pill Reversal (APR).

According to DPH, there are 30 PRCs in Massachusetts, four of which are licensed by the state as health care facilities. This licensing allows them to provide medical care while requiring them to follow certain requirements and meet certain standards. The memo says there has been an increase in complaints against PRCs in the state. Therefore, the state wants to ensure that these centers “follow their designated scope of practice and operate transparently and without fraudulent practices.”

The memo warns that if a facility does not follow the rules, it could face prosecution from the Attorney General. If a facility is licensed but not properly staffed, it can have its license revoked suspended or withdrawn with the personnel working there. It singled out APR specifically, calling it “unproven, unethical, and unsafe to administer to patients,” while citing so-called evidence from the pro-abortion American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

But APR has no shown to be unproven, unsafe, or unethical. APR is the use of the hormone progesterone to reverse the lethal, progesterone-blocking effects of the first drug in the abortion pill regimen – mifepristone. While mifepristone works to deprive the growing child of the nutrients it needs to sustain its life, progesterone is a naturally occurring pregnancy hormone that keeps the young baby alive. Progesterone has been used for years to prevent early miscarriage in women known to be at risk.


Pro-abortion researcher Mitchell Creinin initiated a study on the effectiveness of abortion pill reversal, and while this study is often cited as showing that APR is unsafe, the results of the -students actually showed the opposite. In reality, while three women in Creinin’s small sample size were hospitalized, “only one of the three women hospitalized with bleeding received progesterone (reversal treatment), with no known risk for bleeding. The other two received only the abortion pill, which carried a known risk for bleeding,” said a previous report by Live Action News.

“What we offer women is a bioidentical hormone… that has been safely administered to women since the 1950s,” explains Christina Brown, BSN, RN. “It’s usually given for other things like recurrent miscarriage or preterm labor. It’s a very common hormone given to women. And it’s not progestin, which is in hormonal birth control. It’s a bioidentical type of progesterone. So, it’s very safe for mothers and it’s also safe for babies. Dr. Delgado’s study showed that the rate of birth defects in babies born after successful reversal is no different from the general population.”

The Massachusetts DPH appears to be in line with other pro-abortion states and attempts to shut down PRCs using a variety of tactics. DPH state“Many of these centers advertise themselves as full-service reproductive health care clinics, but they do not provide abortion care or referrals to abortion, contraception, or other essential reproductive health care services.”

DPH failed to cite the actual source of the PRC do provide to women and families, including material goods such as car seats, baby clothes, and other baby items. They can also help find safe housing, help with educational choices, provide parenting classes, and offer mother-specific support. Failure to perform or refer for abortions does not invalidate the services offered by PRCs, as abortion is not “reproductive health care.” Abortion is the direct and intentional killing of human beings in the womb, which is never medically necessary.

As for the complaints against PRCs, there is a lack of evidence to support this claim. Abortion advocates leave fake reviews of PRCs online, with some attacking the centers themselves with graffiti and firebombs.

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