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Haley Peryer lives in Missouri with her partner, dog, and now 5-month-old baby girl. She enjoys rock climbing and exercise, yoga, art, and candle making. Today she wants to share with you the birth of her little girl, Apoya. When Haley became pregnant, she was working in the heat of Arizona and spending time in beautiful Costa Rica. Her partner Eli was just surprised by the pregnancy. It wasn’t specifically planned but they both knew it was possible based on the previous cycle.

From the beginning of her pregnancy she knew she wanted a very low intervention birth. However, a home birth is out of the question as Haley and Eli live in a non-conventional living space: a 30 foot camper. This is why they went to a birth center where their daughter was born after 33 hours of labor on July 4, 2023. Connect with her on instagram @trippyxturtlexfawn

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