MIL’s Reaction To Granddaughter’s Baby Name Is WILD

When you share your chosen baby name with the world, there are a few acceptable responses: things like “Congratulations” and “That’s a great name.” But a new mom shared a story on Reddit about how her husband’s family reacted to the announcement of her baby’s name, and it’s one of the dumbest things we’ve read in a hot minute.

“I just gave birth this week. My husband and I had a short list of names we liked, but decided to wait until we met our daughter before choosing her official name,” the new mom wrote. “We were still in the hospital when the announcement was made. we named her, and we got the usual responses that normal, sane people say when they hear about a baby’s name (‘what a lovely name!’). Because saying anything is crazy, right?”

Um, yeah, right. But she continued to say that her husband texted in the family group chat, and her mother replied, “No, I really don’t like that name. I prefer Violet, what do you think of that?”

The mom wrote, “We are stunned. I really can’t imagine a family member being MORE INFORMED about a newborn’s name, and thinking you should have input.”

What’s worse, he said, is that his poor wife was crushed by his mommy’s answer to their baby name.

“We LOVE our son’s name, and we didn’t want this comment to ruin our first moments with our son, so we ignored his text. SHE CALLED SEVERAL TIMES. We ignore the calls,” she wrote. “My husband called her the next day when we returned home. At that time, her sister messaged her with some alternatives that she preferred (?? ?).The mother asked him, ‘what do your husband’s family think?’ and he answered him ‘they love them all’ (they like them). He LAUGHED and said, ‘they must not have good taste- nobody likes it. Nobody.'”

Yes, it is slowly going off the rails.

This poor mom concluded her post by saying, “We are sleep deprived. Down for an emotional high, where our daughter was in the NICU and I almost needed a blood transfusion because of how much blood I lost. My husband, so strong and stable, was crushed. I SMOKE. I will NEVER forget how they made my husband feel during one of the most vulnerable and special times in his life.”

He also added in an edit that the baby’s name is Rosa, which is nice. Who knows what this mother-in-law’s problem is.

Fortunately, all the comments were completely supportive of mom and her husband.

“Tell your mother-in-law she’s being ridiculous and she can shut up soon, if not sooner,” the top-voted comment read.

Another highly voted comment said, “Rosa is a very pretty name. I’m so sorry if your MIL is acting like this. I hope everything will be alright.”

Another added, “I’m sorry you got that reaction. please stick with the name you want despite those rascals… that’s just not an appropriate response to someone revealing their baby name.”

I hope this new mom takes the internet’s words to heart. Rosa is a perfectly lovely name, and the reaction of her husband’s family is completely out of pocket.

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