Mom Refuses to Abort Her “Nonviable” Baby, Now Her Daughter is Happy and Thriving

A mother has spoken out about how doctors told her to abort her unborn baby girl, who was deemed non-viable after the death of her healthier twin sister. She refused, and her daughter is now happy and thriving.

Elaine Avery was pregnant with monochorionic-diamniotic identical twins when her unborn baby girl, Aurelia, died following complications from sharing the same placenta with her sister Aurora.

Following Aurelia’s death at 22 weeks gestation, doctors advised her grieving mother to abort Aurora.

“I wanted to expect another baby, but I was advised to terminate [abort] pregnancy at all because there are so many issues’, Elaine explains.

“But I didn’t want to lose another child, so I went ahead and decided to carry him to full-term.

“He seemed to fight there, so I fought him.”

Aurora was born two weeks later by emergency C-section at 24 weeks, the limit of what doctors consider viable. While she remained in intensive care, her mother attended Aurelia’s funeral.

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Despite being in great pain, Aurora survived, and her mother was overjoyed, saying: “[Aurora] radiates joy and stability and the bond with his older brother is the source of laughter and happiness within the entire family.”

SPUC comments

A SPUC spokesperson said: “Aurora’s remarkable story of survival proves her doctors wrong. Too often, medical professionals turn to abortion as the first and only option when there is a problem with pregnancy , which makes parents feel more alone and without freedom.

“Fortunately, for Aurora and her family, Elaine is determined to fight for her daughter and give her every chance to live and thrive.

“Doctors must show the same determination, hope and desire to preserve life. Life is precious, and parents should not face the terrible proposal of abortion, which feeds on fear and lack of hope, especially when mothers and fathers are already weak.”

LifeNews notes: Courtesy of SPUC. The Society for the Protection of Unborn Children is a leading pro-life organization in the United Kingdom.

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