Men’s Age Is a Factor in Fertility

It is widely known that a woman’s age is important for fertility, but how much a man’s age affects reproduction has not really been discussed. Most people assume that men can have children later in life, which is usually technically true. Men produce sperm longer than women produce eggs, which is why some men in their 60s and 70s become biological fathers. However, age is still a factor in sperm quality, and older fathers may pose increased health risks to their offspring.

The older a man is when he conceives children, the higher the chance of that child having a neurodevelopmental issue or genetic disease. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean older men shouldn’t try to conceive, but they just need to be aware of the potential for increased risk to their children. Testing for sperm quality and quantity is one way to see what level of risk these men may be taking as they consider conception.

Just as there is an “advanced maternal age” for women, it is important to assign an “advanced paternal age” and see how it affects conception difficulties and the health of the children that are produced. Robert Brannigan, vice president of American Society for Reproductive Medicine, said that the question of the father’s age is one that needs careful consideration. In some cases, it is listed as 40 or 45, but not everyone agrees with that.

Screening is usually the right choice for men who want to have children, especially if they are a bit older. That way, they can get a baseline analysis of their sperm count and quality, allowing them to make informed decisions about the future. It is also possible for men to improve the quality of their sperm, especially if they make lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking, drinking less alcohol, and losing excess weight.

Although improvement in sperm quality and count can be seen at any age, not all men see benefits when they implement changes. Working with a fertility doctor can help men make informed decisions about having children, so they can have the knowledge and peace of mind they need.

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