Mom’s ‘Baby Who Can’t Find the Nip’ Video Goes Viral

When it comes to breastfeeding, there is likely to be a whole range of emotions involved for both mother and baby. There is immense happiness, sadness, frustration and sometimes some much needed humor.

Emily Vondy, the matriarch of the Vondy family and the face of @thevondyfam on TikTok, recently shared her hilarious take on what it’s like when your newborn “can’t find the nip while breastfeeding.”

The video opens with Vondy holding his Stanley cup with the caption, “How newborns be acting when they can’t find the nip.” Vondy, wearing a knit cap as “Baby Vondy,” asked for something to drink because she was thirsty. “Mom Vondy” proceeded to hand him a Stanely cup with a straw. While sipping, however, he can’t seem to find the straw, frantically moving his head around, like a baby in their search.

The clip fast forwards, as baby Vondy screams, “For the love of god, where is it?!” “It’s in your hands!” Mother Vondy exclaimed. “Have you no personality?” cried baby Vondy. “Right in front of your face!” he answered. As baby Vondy finds her hand and begins to suck it, her mother yells, “That’s your hand!” as the baby panics and the mother finally pulls away and yells, “Just drink!” When the baby saw that straw he responded, “You need to calm down.”

Parents quickly chimed in, thanking Vondy for laughing and sharing their own stories. “The screams when they can’t find it but it’s right there spraying them,” one parent joked. “Or when it’s literally IN their mouth and it’s like WHERE THEY ARE,” added another.

“Feeding the baby as I watched it… I was laughing so hard he untied it and started doing it,” one mom wrote. “My son would do this drama, then UNLATCH to yell at me about how hurtful the whole experience was. Girlfriend,” shared another. “The @stanley_brand content we didn’t know we needed,” Frida Baby joked.

Along with the much-needed giggles, other parents noted how the struggle is real, but there is hope on the horizon. “And then they turn pro and they can find it in the darkest of nights under many layers while you’re dead asleep,” commented one parent.

Let’s raise a Stanley to all moms on their breastfeeding journey. We promise the lock is coming soon!

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