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Nesting Parties are Here to Stay

Nesting parties are the latest new trend, and rightfully so. They’re a modern take on TikTok’s roots built on an age-old tradition, where moms-to-be receive practical help fixing the house before the little one arrives.

Trends can get a bad rap, but we fully support this one. Whether the mom-to-be wants a nesting party instead of a baby shower, or sees it as an addition to her shower, it’s a great way to support her, in every possible way.

If you’ve never heard of this type of party – don’t worry – we’ll discuss some common misgivings, give ideas to overcome them, and explain how to throw an amazing nesting party!

What is a Nesting Party?

The nesting party is a modern and practical alternative to the traditional baby shower that has recently gained a lot of traction on platforms like TikTok. In other words, these are gatherings where loved ones help the mom-to-be prepare their home for the baby’s arrival. As Nia Liu shared with her viral TikTok videoshe opted for a nesting party instead of a baby shower and, albeit lovingly, put her friends to work.

After making a list of all the things she wanted to do before the baby arrived, her best friend assigned tasks for each person to perform within a section of her home. Nia completes the list by advising her friends on the details of tasks, such as filling the pantry closet, wiping down the kitchen utensils, and sorting out the baby’s new clothes. As a soon-to-be mother of three, Nia shared how peaceful she was at the end of the nesting party (*swoon*).

The Appeal of Nesting Parties

Traditional baby showers are wonderful. That said, they are not always what an expectant mother needs.

At baby showers, it’s common to ask for registry gifts and open everything during the shower. After a few gifts, the radical cuteness can slowly wear off, leaving the whole affair a bit cheesy. Not only that, parents are left with many things to sort, organize, and find a suitable place for, which can be difficult for a mother in her third trimester. Or sometimes the shower is not suitable for families with second and third children. Parents have almost everything they need, and having a sprinkle baby shower will make more sense in this case.

The benefits of nesting parties are many, such as shared accomplishment and sweet camaraderie. Moms leave these occasions having completed a list of tasks that could have been done alone, with less laughter and light.

This allows moms more bonding time with loved ones than a traditional shower. Also, as shared in Nia’s video, there’s a related trend of guests bringing freezer meals to these parties, leaving the mom-to-be well-prepared for the first few weeks after birth. The biggest appeal for nesting parties (which we love) is the overall stress reduction for the mom-to-be!

Reactions and Variations of TikTok and Alternatives

While many see the appeal of a nesting party, others aren’t so sure. On TikTok, we saw how excited some moms are to find out about this alternative to the traditional shower. The thought of getting help with household chores and avoiding baby shower games sounds like a dream for some moms.

While for others, they feel hesitant to ask their friends to clean their home and fold their unborn baby’s clothes. Also, some loved ones may need some time to understand this viral concept, because to be fair, it takes a lot of trust and security in your friendships to ask for a nesting party. It’s not for everyone.

If you like the concept, but want to tweak it, we love these suggestions that TikTok users have.

  • Hire a cleaner and ask for support to cover that cost in your registry
  • Combine a nesting party with a more traditional celebration
  • Avoid all cleaning help and ask for support to set up or paint the nursery
  • Clean and cook for your partner and their friends, while you and your friends celebrate!

With so many things to think about before the baby arrives, a nesting party is something to consider to gather in support of the expectant mother and help celebrate this wonderful time in their lives.

How to Organize a Nesting Party

Nia Liu’s nest party helped her move from anxiety to peace in her home. Below, we share a nesting party checklist of key components of a successful nesting party.

First, declare an organizer. Nia enlists her best friend to support her in her wish for a nesting party (at a baby shower).

As shared in her video, Nia went room-to-room with her best friend and made a list of things she wanted to do at home. Because the needs of each family are different, We suggest relying on parents to create a list specific to their own room/house needs. Some specific things to do in Nia’s video include: setting up the baby station, hanging nursery decor, and cleaning the rocking chair.

Decide on a date and send nesting party invitations to key friends. Niu keeps it small but the size can depend on the size of the mother’s home and the amount of work they want to do.

Next, prioritize and delegate. Everyone who promised to be there was ready to work and support the expectant mother. To keep it simple, the organizer can divide the to-do list by room and ask each friend to take a section to do. The expectant mother can simply be there, advising friends where she wants to go, or answering any questions that come up.

Finally, make time for a short break, so everyone can get together to eat, replenish, and talk about the baby! When it comes to food – try to take the responsibility off the expectant mother and order ahead, or see if one of the guests wants to prepare something to share.

What to Bring to a Nesting Party?

For those invited to a nesting party, they may be wondering what to bring or if they should bring anything, since there may not be a registry and the gathering is not a traditional baby shower.

Things like diapers, wipes, household cleaning supplies, baby clothes hangers, and freezer meals are all good examples of the kind of gifts to bring to a nesting party. Compared to more traditional baby shower gifts, this is a great occasion to focus on things that are practical and useful for the family.

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Why should you host a Nesting Party?

For moms who don’t want a traditional shower, or just like the idea of ​​a nesting party, this rising trend is a great alternative route to supporting the mom-to-be. A nesting party is an intimate gathering where friends support the expectant mother with household chores in preparation for the new baby. Not only does the mother receive practical help and communal support, there is less work involved in organizing a nesting party.

Experiences like Nia’s help us understand a meaningful modern perspective on an ancient tradition. We’d love to see more expectant mothers get to have nesting parties and see more friends attend them.

If you or the expecting mom in your life decide to host one – we encourage you to share it on platforms like TikTok to inspire other moms-to-be to get all the support they need.

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