Gift Guide 2023: What to Get the Book Lover

Here is my gift guide for book lovers! It can be a small specific to the genre of books I enjoy, but easily adaptable depending on what your book lover likes to read!

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1: Custom Book Stamps

I have been recommending this gift for years! This is a special gift to receive and perfect for a book lover who often lends books to friends!

2: Reading Light

This reading light looks great as it directs the light in front of you as opposed to overhead, so it won’t disturb anyone trying to sleep!

3: Hanging chair

This hanging chair is featured many Lit Chicks of my reels in ! This is a new addition to my home office and a great price!

4: Spill Proof Tumbler

This tumbler is in every gift guide! This is the best because of the straw & no spill mechanism!

5-19: Kindle, Case, Pop Socket and Stickers

I LOVE my Kindle! I have shared it so many times, and I love this clear case because I can customize it with stickers! Again, these stickers are pretty specific to the books I like to read, so be sure to check and see what books your gift recipient likes! Each sticker is linked below:

Don’t Let a Bad Day Win (similar)
Smutty Romance Book Club Admit One (similar)
Wingspan is important (similar)
The Skeleton Tarot Card Reader
Fourth Wing Dragon
Emotional Support Kindle
Smut Slut
The Pink Tarot Card Reader
Only You Can Decide What Breaks You
Valkyrie Night Court
20: Blue Light Glasses

If your reader has a kindle, this is a great addition!

21: Book Club Candle

Haven’t had a chance to pick this candle up yet, but it looks super cute!

22: The Book ends

These bookends are from my QVC line, and great! They are marble and wood and have a nice weight to them.

23: Virtual Book Club

For those who don’t know, including ours Podcast, Sheryl and I are hosting a virtual book club on Patreon! If your book lover is into the same books as us, give them a subscription!

24: Wireless Headphones

Again – these headphones open every gift guide 🤣 Don’t forget, Beats has two versions of this, so make sure see both.

25: Custom Magnetic Bookmarks

These bookmarks look so cute!! And they are custom for an extra thoughtful touch!

26: Comfortable

really me live in my Comfy as soon as the temp starts to drop. It’s the perfect reading buddy 🤣

27: Post This Page Marker

I love using them when I’m reading, especially preparing for podcasts and book club meetings! So many quotes stuck with me, and I want to make sure I get back to them quickly!

28: Plaid Throw Blanket

This is another item from my QVC line. It is SO comfortable and on sale for $35!

29: Best slippers

This is another Winter staple for me, Wear this shoe everyday around the house.

Be sure to check out my other holiday gift guides, and have a Happy Holiday ❤️

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