Nurse Who Forced His Pregnant Girlfriend to Take Abortion Drug Loses His License

Washington state has suspended the license of a nurse who forced his pregnant girlfriend to take an abortion drug.

In a story that is a reminder of how easily abortion drugs can be used by predators, the Washington State Board of Nursing suspended the 2-year-old’s license. David Benjamin Coots.

In March, police arrested Coots for attempting to force an unwanted chemical abortion on his pregnant girlfriend. He reportedly inserted abortion pills into his victim’s womb during an abnormally aggressive sexual encounter. The woman realized something was wrong when she found two pills and a small piece of foil on the toilet paper while sitting on the toilet.

In addition to the nurse’s license, Coots faces charges of second-degree assault, third-degree rape, tampering with a witness, and five counts of violating a court order.

His wife, Melissa Coots, has been charged with witness tampering, who allegedly forced the victim not to report Coots to the authorities.

Now Coots lost his license.

He called her “flirty for a doctor” and later asked for her number, hoping she could help him with real estate, according to (WSBON).

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They became friends and then started dating in September. 2023 when Coots told her that she and her husband were divorcing. The couple has five children.

In January 2024, the victim stated that he took multiple positive pregnancy tests. She said Coots was “very supportive” when she told her about the pregnancy and told her he would take care of everything.

According to court documents, she told a deputy that she and Coots had sex on Jan. 27 when he thrust his fingers into her farther and harder than usual, and Coots acted strangely afterward. He said after he left that night, he noticed that a pill fell on his penis.

The victim said she asked Coots what the pill was. Eventually, according to the documents, he told her he put four pills inside her that “causing miscarriage.”

The victim went to the emergency room and had a rape kit made.

In the following days, the victim said Coots sent her money and showed up at her house asking to talk, according to the documents. He told investigators he also received texts from Melissa Coots who threatened him if he talked to police, and also offered him money to keep quiet.

David Coots was arrested on March 11 for violating a court order and showing up at the victim’s residence with letters and gifts.

Coots was released on $500,000 bond and ordered to wear a GPS tracking device.

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