Planned Parenthood Killed 374,000 Babies in Abortions Last Year, Kamala Harris Wants More

At the very last stop at Biden-Harris abortion scare tour, Vice President Kamala Harris visited a Planned Parenthood abortion center in Minnesota on Thursday, marking a first for a sitting vice president. Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America slammed the Biden-Harris administration in a statement:

“Kamala Harris has spent her entire career in the pocket of Big Abortion. When brave citizen journalists exposed Planned Parenthood’s sale of baby body parts, then-Attorney General Harris prosecuted whistleblowers. Corruption continues as the Biden-Harris DOJ castrates nonviolent pro-life activists in prison,” said SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “As America’s largest abortion business, Planned Parenthood is far from benign. Although fewer and fewer cancer screenings or prenatal services are being provided, they have ended harshly. more than 374,000 lives of babies in the last reported year and earned more than half a billion dollars from taxpayers. Meanwhile their political arm still spending than any other abortion-related group to lobby the federal government against commonsense policies like protecting babies born alive after failed abortions.

Almost 70% of women who have had an abortion say it was unwanted, forced or inconsistent with their own values ​​and preferences. But 97% of the time, pregnant women are sold an abortion at Planned Parenthood instead of being helped to keep their child or make an adoption plan. Recently in Missouri, they were caught in the act of trafficking a minor, saying, ‘We don’t tell parents anything.’ In Minnesota Planned Parenthood is performing at least 70% of abortionsprofiting from the lack of pro-life protections in the law and Democrat policies to encourage abortion tourism from other states.

“Compare this to the compassionate and truly empowering support offered by thousands of pregnancy resource centers across America, not only during pregnancy but after the birth of their child. Under the Trump-Pence administration, Mike Pence became the first sitting vice president visit a pregnancy resource center. It is not clear who is aligned with overwhelming majority of Americans who support pregnancy centers and want fewer abortions, not more. We need leaders who will meet national minimum protections at least when babies in the womb feel pain, to stop Planned Parenthood and the Democrats’ all-trimester, no-limits abortion agenda. They are intense and wildly un-American.”

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Fewer services, more abortions. Learn more at the Charlotte Lozier Institute’s Fact Sheet: Planned Parenthood’s 2021-22 Annual Report.

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