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Baby Shower Etiquette – Baby Shower Rules Guide!

Baby showers have been around for a long time and baby shower etiquette has changed. A baby shower is a wonderful gift-giving ceremony where the mom-to-be is “showered” with gifts and cards! At the same time, it provides the perfect environment for close friends and family to hang out with her and maybe share some valuable parenting wisdom!

In many societies, there is a strict set of rules that define how a baby shower ceremony (or its equivalent) is to be conducted. However, things have changed these days, and the rules of baby shower etiquette vary greatly.

Nowadays, baby showers and how successful they are depends largely on the wishes of the mom-to-be. However, there are still some baby shower etiquette guidelines that you should follow if you want to throw a successful baby shower.

Who should throw a baby shower?

Traditionally, it’s not unusual for parents-to-be to throw or host a baby shower themselves. This is because the main purpose of a baby shower is for your relatives, friends, and coworkers to “shower” you with gifts.

Baby shower etiquette, therefore, demands that the parents-to-be should not host the party themselves. This is mainly to avoid the perception that the family is collecting gifts, something that may be regrettable. Instead, your baby shower should be hosted by a close friend of the mother-to-be or a relative. Learn how to plan a Baby Shower here.

How should a mother-to-be act at her baby shower?

As a mom-to-be, you should be a polite and pleasant guest of honor and be generous when receiving gifts and cards. You will be spoiled, so enjoy it Mama!

Additionally, baby shower etiquette dictates that the guest of honor should send thank-you notes for gifts within two to three weeks of the shower unless the birth of your baby intervenes.

What do you do at a baby shower?

A baby shower should be a fun and exciting party. Some of the main things that take place are the opening of gifts and cards, eating, and drinking. You can add more personality to your baby shower by incorporating games and fun activities.

A recent entrant to the baby shower scene that is becoming increasingly popular these days is the surprise Gender Reveal. You can choose to combine your gender reveal with your baby shower or have two separate parties. To make things even more fun, everyone can guess the baby’s gender before the mom reveals the baby’s actual gender. Read more about the best Gender Reveal ideas here.

What is the right time to have a baby shower?

The best time to have a baby shower is often asked! Baby showers are usually held when the mother is 25 to 35 weeks pregnant. By this time, the pregnancy is well established and the timing is right to avoid the risk of the baby arriving before the party! Also, during this time, the mother-to-be is still energetic and the baby bump is manageable.

Organizing the party a few weeks before the due date also gives her enough time to exchange duplicate gifts. Then she will have all the necessary things for the baby’s nursery.

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How long should baby showers last?

Baby shower etiquette dictates that the party should last between two and three hours. Therefore, the opening of gifts, the food, and the fun activities are the ones that should take up the most time at the party.

When must the mother-to-be register?

The mother-to-be must register when she is about 12 weeks pregnant. At this time, she is in her second trimester. Plus, registering at this time gives her enough time to figure out the things she needs for her baby’s nursery.

You can register for baby shower gifts through an online service, a store, or a catalog. This helps you avoid duplicates and returns. Registries can also be a relief for guests who may have no idea what gifts to give at the baby shower.

Amazon’s Baby Registry has the largest collection of Baby items and offers free 365 day returns and a Welcome Box valued at $35!

Who are you inviting to a baby shower?

The great thing about baby showers is that the guest of honor can invite anyone they want. This means that the entire event should be based almost entirely on the wishes of the mother-to-be.

As a mom-to-be, you can opt to have a traditional female-only baby shower, where you celebrate with your female friends and relatives. However, inviting male friends, spouses, and relatives is becoming increasingly popular. A co-ed party keeps dad involved and adorable if it’s also a gender reveal!

Whether the baby shower will be an all-female event or a co-ed baby shower depends on the mother-to-be.

Should your Baby Shower have a theme?

Many Baby Showers have cute themes to bring the party together. You can choose a theme based on your baby’s gender, time of year or just choose a theme you like.

There are many beautiful Baby Shower themes for girls and cute themes for boys.

These are some of our favorite themes:

Can you have a baby shower as a second and third time mom?

Baby showers for second and third time moms are becoming more common and acceptable and are often called Baby Sprinkles.

It makes sense to hold a second or third baby shower especially if there is a large age gap between the children or if the second baby is of a different gender. Besides, if your family, friends, or co-workers want to throw a baby shower (or a Baby Sprinkle), who are you to stop them?

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it; everything you need to know about proper baby shower etiquette. If you’re planning to surprise a special friend of one, this should provide the perfect starting point. And if you’re expecting yourself, then these tips should help!

Basically, pretty much anything goes when it comes to baby showers these days. Remember that the guest of honor is queen and whatever she says goes! That way you should have no problem throwing an amazing baby shower!

If you’re planning a Baby Shower, be sure to download our FREE Smart Party Planning Guide for money-saving party tips and a party checklist to help you throw the best party ever!

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