Precipitous, Unassisted VBAC in a Moving Car after Planned C-section

Emily’s first birth was ac section. She plans to have an unmedicated birth, with midwives and her doula at the Connecticut birthing center in Danbury. After he found out that his son was worthless, he did everything he could to try to turn his son around. Still wanting to give birth vaginally, Emily desperately tried to find a breech provider but was unsuccessful. She was completely devastated and finally decided on a planned, family centered c section.

It took years to resolve the pain and frustration of not being “allowed” to have her baby. She spent three years preparing her mind, body, and soul to have a successful, healing VBAC.

At 37 weeks and 4 days into her next pregnancy, Emily attended a family wedding in Lancaster, PA. After the wedding, she and her husband, Travis, returned to the hotel room to sleep. Half an hour after midnight, her water broke. Labor hadn’t started yet and she knew she probably had many more nights/days, so she decided to rest before they drove back to New York, and eventually to Danbury, CT. At 3am, the contractions started and were immediately strong and close together. They arranged the hotel room and got in the car around 4am back. All Emily had was her gentlebirth contraction timer and a bottle of water in the back seat.

A whirlwind 1 hour and 45 minutes later, their daughter, Rosemary, was born unassisted while her husband was still driving. He didn’t know he was that close until he felt the crown of his head. Emily credits her calm, empowering birth with all her birth preparation and training as an opera singer. The total labor from the first contraction to the baby was 2 hours and 45 minutes! Emily’s birth story went viral, and was featured on the Today show, Inside Edition, USA Today, Good Morning America, People, and more.

Emily Geller Hardman Bio

Emily is a professional opera singer and mother to Wesley (3 years old) and Rosemary (6 months). She lives with her husband, Travis, in Westchester, NY. She is passionate about all things birth and is happy to connect through social media. www.emilygeller.cominsta:@emilygellerfacebook: Emily Geller Contralto


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