Rated the Best Online Pregnancy Exercise Program

PregActive’s Pregnancy and Postpartum Online Exercise Programs recognize my OBYGNs, midwives, physiotherapists, osteopaths, GPs, and many other health care professionals.

But what is really important to me is that our programs are endorsed by our Mamas.

My inbox is flooded with wonderful messages every day about how we’ve helped our amazing moms through their pregnancy and postpartum recovery. They love everything about our Studio PregActive Pregnancy fitness app and how it helped guide them in their pregnancy, childbirth and early postpartum.

Best Online Pregnancy Exercise Program

Here are just a few of the wonderful messages received recently:


“Just wanted to say hello and THANK YOU to Kerryn and the whole team for providing such a wonderful pregnancy and post-partum resource for new mums. You were literally in the delivery room on my tablet when my baby boy decided to “surprise” everyone at arriving two weeks early!

While I cobbled together a birth plan and maternity hospital bagI haven’t figured out how I should manage myself (breathing, pain management, etc.) on the day I deliver my baby.

So I watched your birth preparation videos a few hours before I gave birth at the hospital how to breathe during childbirthpush, where I can press my husband on my lower back for pain management, etc.

Your videos also helped me ask the right questions at my postpartum check-ups to receive pelvic floor therapy, which was a huge help along with doing your postpartum videos.

So again, thank you. I will continue to refer new moms your way for support and help, and hope to boomerang back if I am blessed with another baby in the future. Take care and happy parenting!”


“I love your course. It helped me so much during pregnancy and the first few months back to fitness. My little girl is 4 months tomorrow and I don’t know where the time has gone.

I have recommended you to so many of my mother’s friends. It was all very scary at first and the fitness and tips I found on your app really helped me.

I will 100% buy from you pregnancy fitness app again for our second when we are ready.

Thank you again for all your help throughout my pregnancy and post-birth.” ❤️


“I found your postpartum library very informative and it delivered what I was looking for: how to safely return to work, how to take care of my vulnerable. pelvic floorwhich exercises to avoid when the core is not strong, and a few other tips along the way.

I appreciate your cueing style and emphasis on safe exercise foundations. I am very happy because you fulfilled your promise.

I chose your program over many others because your calm style resonated with me. Thank you very much!” ~ Caroline

Our pregnant and postpartum moms tell us how helpful it is to have Studio PregActive.

So many women have commented on:

1. How easy the App is to use.

2. How much information is included.

3. How on point is the video cueing.

4. How relaxed and calm my voice is (typical comment!)

5. How strong it felt at his birth.

6. How it helped his back pain to reduce.

The list goes on!

We want you to join our beautiful community of Mamas too. Get started with your 7-day free trial today.

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