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What is happening now – the Hamas attack on Israel, the Israeli military offensive in Gaza, and the escalation of violence in the Palestinian Territories and Israel – is a real nightmare. Too many children have died, and thousands more are suffering in unimaginable and lasting ways.

It’s hard to imagine the reality beyond what we at Bridgetown Baby hope and dream for families everywhere – a world where all children and their parents are well cared for and surrounded by a caring and loving community.

And yet, it happens in our collective gaze. These children are our children, our shared destiny. Their grief and trauma is our responsibility.

If we dream of a time where Palestinians and Israelis live side by side in peace, able to live happy lives without fear, getting there will require some of the most difficult work of creativity, and loving kindness ever attempted. . of mankind. We must bend the arc of history toward peace – and to do so, we must imagine what that looks like in a new way. This challenge can feel overwhelming – may it inspire us to do all we can to manifest peace for all our children.

We’ve compiled some resources as a starting point for action:

Help Call for a Ceasefire and Support Humanitarian Aid in Gaza

  • Contact Your Senators and Representatives Directly. Making a phone call is more impactful than filling out a form letter. It’s a little work but worth the effort. Law enforcement agencies track differently. You can easily find contact information for your US Senators and Representatives here.

  • Help provide Humanitarian Support to Gaza through a local non-profit Mercy Corps.

  • Help provide Children and Families with Humanitarian Assistance and Protection in Unicef.

Learn from organizations Building Bridges Between Muslims and Jews

  • NewGround envisions an America where Muslims and Jews are empowered to create lasting partnerships, engage in genuine communication and mutual cooperation. This dynamic model of engagement – not bound by history, theology, or politics – proves that conflict is inevitable but not inevitable.

  • The Parents Circle – Family Forum (PCFF) is a joint Israeli-Palestinian organization of more than 600 families, all of whom have lost an immediate family member in the ongoing conflict. Moreover, the PCFF concluded that the process of reconciliation between countries is a prerequisite for achieving a sustainable peace. Thus, the organization uses all the resources available in education, public meetings and media, to spread these ideas. Read a moving story in the NY Times here.

  • Rebuilding Alliances is committed to advancing equal rights for the Palestinian people through education, advocacy, and support that assures Palestinian families the right to a home, education, economic security, safety, and a bright future.

  • Reframing Israel inspires Jewish children and teenagers to learn about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, ask challenging questions, develop a strong commitment to social justice, and discover their unique voices.

Resource Yourself for Talking to Your Children About Scary News and Violence

Together, with love and imagination, we can dream a new world for children everywhere and for generations to come.

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