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The Best Bridal Shower Themes: 17 Bridal Shower Ideas With Wow Factor

Choosing a theme for your Bridal Shower really sets the scene for the day, so read on for our best Bridal Shower themes ever!

Getting married is probably the most important time in anyone’s life and every little event leading up to the big day needs to be celebrated with friends and family. A Bridal Shower is an occasion where the bride-to-be gets to have fun and play with her closest sweetheart playing and doing fun activities while making memories that will last a lifetime.

A Bridal Shower is usually planned by the maid of honor and a surprise for the bride but for the bride-zilla in you who wants to make everything perfect, we have a list of Best Bridal Shower theme.

Best Bridal Shower Themes

1. Quite a picnic

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One of the best Bridal Shower themes (and very popular for Summer Weddings) is a Picnic Bridal Shower. There is nothing sweeter than a day outside with your friends in the yard or in the park under the summer sun. This Bridal Shower idea gives off a peaceful vibe and is sure to please the minimalist in you. With colorful mats and proper use of summer flowers, this theme isn’t too expensive to pull off either. Think picnic rugs, wicker hampers, plants and finger food.

2. beach Bridal shower

best bridal shower themes

If you are a fan of the ocean and enjoy sand under your feet and in your hair, hosting a Bridal shower on the beach may be the perfect idea for you. If you don’t have access to the ocean or you feel that a place for the party might be too public, you can choose a sandy river bed and using seashells and other marine-inspired decorations can give you of perfect appearance.

3. Floral Themed Bridal Shower

bright floral bridal shower
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If you want something striking and beautiful, then a floral themed Bridal Shower is the way to go. Flowers and plants are the star of the show with this colorful and floral Bridal Shower theme.

4. Italian Themed Bridal Shower

italian themed bridal shower
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If you love the Mediterranean, why not choose an Italian inspired Bridal Shower. Think blues and yellows with lemons, oranges and plants as decoration.

4. Bridal Shower Movie Night

Bridal shower movie night
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If you are looking for a relaxing Bridal Shower, a Bridal Shower movie night is great fun. Set up the big screen and sit back and enjoy one of your favorite romantic comedy movies along with some classic Bridal Shower games!

5. Pastel Bridal Shower

floral bridal shower themes
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Another thing to do with a floral Bridal Shower is to keep the colors muted and pastel, like this beautiful set up. Coordinate your dress with flowers and you’re good to go!

6. Alpine Lodge Bridal Shower

alpine lodge bridal shower
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Now this Bridal Shower idea is perfect for a Winter Bridal Shower. Turn a venue into an Alpine Lodge for a super cozy feel. Candles, blankets, and low lighting will add to the wintery vibes.

7. Tropical Bridal Shower

tropical themed bridal shower
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If your Bridal Shower is a summer affair, then consider a Tropical Bridal shower. Go for palm decor with wicker for a nice tropical feel.

8. Fiesta Bridal Shower

fiesta themed wedding
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Another great Bridal Shower theme idea is a Fiesta Bridal Shower. Bring out your bright decor, serve up a Mexican feast and party!

9. Color Themed Bridal Shower

color themed bridal shower

If you are looking for a truly Instagram worthy Bridal Shower, then a color themed Bridal Shower photos are oh so good! Request that your guests wear a specific color scheme, and coordinate all of your decor to match!

10. Tea Party Bridal Shower

tea party bridal shower

A tea party Bridal Shower is a lovely, sit down event perfect for all your friends and family. Host it at home, in your garden or at a local tea room or hotel.

11. Rustic Bridal Shower

simple bridal shower

The simple Bridal Shower is an all-time favorite theme, because it’s relaxing, laid-back but beautiful at the same time. Casual florals, wooden decor and a relaxed menu.

12. Girls Weekend Bridal Shower

best bridal shower themes

If you want to take your Bridal Shower to the next level and have the rest of the weekend, consider a few days with your besties where you can celebrate together.

13. Boho Alfresco Bridal Shower

pampas bridal shower
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Go all out Boho with this beautiful pampas grass. Browns and creams are the backbone of this gorgeous theme. Go boho with your outfit of choice and you’re good to go!

14. Disney

Perhaps the most commonly loved and appreciated bridal shower theme is the Disney Bridal shower. If Disney has been your all-time love since childhood, there is no better choice for you. Decorations are easy to make and costumes and props are readily available at local stores.

best bridal shower themes

With a modern and trendy bohemian style, a Boho Bridal Shower is a beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of a new chapter in your life. From flower crowns to gorgeous table decorations, you can get everything under this theme. This theme can be as relaxed or as complex as you want. Check out our Boho Bridal Shower Guide for more inspiration.

boho bridal shower

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16. Balloon Bridal Shower

There is nothing more adorable in this world than balloons and every celebration seems incomplete without them. So use balloons for your shower in colors that go with your theme. You can make many decorations with balloons including arches, background flowers etc. See our post on How to make a Balloon Arch for a DIY tutorial.

balloon arch

17. Go down memory lane

Marriage is the beginning of a new chapter of your life so it is only appropriate to take a bath to revisit the previous chapter. Bring out photos from your childhood; your first dog or your first day at school and use them to decorate the party. This might be the most amazing, personalized theme for a shower because it’s all very personal.

photo board

Best Bridal Shower Theme Final Note

Whatever theme you decide on, remember that what makes the party special is your friends and family. Just being with the people you love is a great celebration any day of the week!

For more tips on planning the perfect Bridal Shower, check out our blog post and checklist.

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