When Does Life Begin? The Doctor Is In Answers this Question

When does life begin? From a scientific point of view, the moment of conception is wonderful. It was even accompanied by a dramatic flash of light inside the fallopian tube.

Dr. William Lile, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist, recently described this process in detail with Care Net President and CEO Roland Warren in a new Care Net video series.

New series: “The Doctor is In” Answers the Question, When Does Life Begin?

Dr. Lile, also known as The Pro-Life Docfervently believe that every person is created in the image of God at the moment of conception.

“A patient is a person, no matter how small,” he said.

In the broadcast, Dr. discussed. Lile and Roland Warren the question, “When will the new life begin?

The very experience and expertise of Dr. Lile, who gave birth to around 4,000 babies, left no room for doubt.

“The question is not even a philosophical question,” he said. “It’s a scientific question and it’s a medical question.”

Dr. explained When the DNA from the sperm and the DNA from the egg combine as a single cell, that single cell is genetically unique from mom and dad and the other seven billion people on the planet. At the single cell stage, the blueprints of life are laid out.

“That living cell divides into two, four, eight, 16, 32, 64 cells…As adults, we [are comprised of] about 60 trillion cells. The strange thing is that our DNA, our genetics, does not change. If you do a DNA test on a 90-year-old person, it will match exactly when they were just a cell in their mother’s womb.”

Roland Warren notes how this data contradicts a common narrative that life is constructed in the womb. That misconception, he explains, occurs when we think of a baby in the womb like building a Tesla.

“When is a Tesla really a Tesla?” he asked rhetorically. “The truth is that a Tesla is never a Tesla because at any point you can turn a Tesla into a toaster. It can be turned into something else… That’s why there’s human development versus human construction. It’s an absolute miracle.”

“We are all created in the image of God—not at our birthdays, but at that moment of conception,” said Dr. Lily.

That miracle of conception involves several amazing steps, before and after the union of sperm and egg. The first sperm to enter the egg must swim among hundreds of millions of others, “like Michael Phelps.”

“[The sperms] everyone is trying to get inside. But there is only one gold medal,” said Dr. Lily.

When the sperm unites with the egg, another incredible process takes place to prevent others.

“Once the first sperm gets inside, an amazing reaction happens. A shield rises—like the Star Trek Enterprise. That shield is called the zona pellucida.”

“At that moment, if you look at the right frequency of light, you can actually see a flash of light happening.”

The miraculous, and even mysterious, nature of conception continues when the DNA from the mother and father combine and cellular division begins.

“All cells are exact copies at that point,” said Dr. Lily. “How can a cell say, ‘I’m just going to read [certain] pages of life’s blueprints’? ‘I’m going to start the whole cardiovascular system.’ Another cell said, ‘I’m going to start the whole GI (digestive) system.’ How do they know what their job is and what pages of DNA they should read? It was an absolute miracle. This is called cell differentiation.

“We still have no idea (how it happened). Things don’t evolve in amazing miracles like that. There is a designer and that designer is, without a doubt, Almighty God.”

In the broadcast, Dr. discussed. Lile and Roland Warren other topics that affirm the fact that new life begins at conception, including the recent Alabama Supreme Court decision regarding in vitro fertilization and the ability of doctors to perform complex surgeries on baby in the womb. .

“We treat them as patients, examine them as patients,” said Dr. Lily. “We perform brain surgery, spina bifida corrective surgery, laser vascular surgery, and open heart surgery….[Often]we’ll have a separate anesthesiologist start an IV on the baby and give the baby fluids, give the baby fentanyl so they don’t feel pain…”

“These babies are created in the image of God. They are my patients. If they are patients they need to be protected.”

In conclusion, Roland Warren said that hearing medical evidence like this from Dr. Lile actually shifts the burden of proof from the pro-life side to the pro-choice side.

“If you believe that life is important (which is what pro-choice people will say in many settings), then you have to be 100% certain that what’s in the womb is not a life,” he said. . “If you’re not sure when life begins, you really should be pro-life.”

“The biblical account, the medical account, the scientific account, and it all comes together to support the view that there is new life in the womb.”

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