This Mom’s Hack is Perfect for Winter Playground Visits

Winter is here, and while work and school may slow down, your child probably has more energy than ever. As you bundle up your child and head to the playground to let loose, MomTok makes the case for a lightweight addition to your bag to make things easier.

Mum in London Gayle Chapman recently went viral for a very simple suggestion—bring a shower squeegee the next time you go to the playground.

“This playground hack is a complete game changer, especially in the winter when you go to the playground and there’s a little rain. You can get one of these for cheap, and it will change your life,” the first times mom captioned the video of her squeezing through the rain, snow and debris from her local playground equipment.

“I’ve had it in the back of my head since I saw a lady make it years ago (thanks to that lady!) so when the bad weather hits I grab a squeegee.” Chapman says he “Gets some funny looks but anything that saves me time makes me happy.”

Parents were quick to thank Chapman for the tip and add their own take in the comments. “But if I’m carrying one of those, how can I get away with telling him it’s too wet to go today,” joked one parent. “Omg! That’s genius! The towel I use is wet and I forgot it in the push chair and the next time I see it, it stinks,” added another.

Others chime in, making the case for waterproof clothing or just letting your kids get a little wet. “Why don’t people just put their kids in waterproofs!!! Let them have fun in the water,” added one user. “Oh, ORR…listen to me. Children experience mild discomfort for once in their lives,” added another.

But for many parents, a dry, hot child is a happy child. And well happy kid, happy life right?

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