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Up and Away Party – Pretty Hot Air Balloon Party ideas –

Up and Away Party

I always love a Hot Air Balloon Party theme and this Up and Away Party by Elysia at Magnolia Party Planner is the most beautiful.

This one is a set up for a baby boy’s first Birthday, but Up and Away is also a great theme for a Baby Shower for boys or girls.

The candy pastel tones used are absolutely beautiful and help set the scene for this beautiful first birthday party!

Meanwhile, I love how a range of pastel shades are used with blues and yellows standing out to keep it more boyish.

In addition, the balloon garland is very beautiful, the difference in the size of the balloons works well together. Also, small balloons combined with a few giant ones work great! And the black backdrop really grounds the setup and provides a great place for signage.

get up and go baby shower


Party type: Up and Away First Birthday

Color Scheme: Described by Magnolia Party Planner as “Candy Pastels”, he used a slightly pastel-shaded variety with a focus on yellow and green.

Favorite decorating ideas:

  • A beautiful balloon arch in candy pastel shade with different sized balloons making a stunning backdrop.
  • The gorgeous hot air balloon (see below) made from a wicker basket.
  • Cheesecake cups displayed on a tiered shelf to give the table height.
  • The black backdrop also served as a place for signage.
  • Pretty blue bunting on the edge of the table – simple but so pretty!
  • The party favor boxes – see below for a picture.

hot air balloon baby shower

Great meal ideas:

  • Cheesecake cups in soft pink topped with mini marshmallows!
  • Jelly cups with fruit and topped with marshmallows.
  • Some marshmallow sticks.
  • A stunning tiered cake iced in soft blue with little balloons and stars.

up and away party food

Theme tips:

  • First, try to keep the color scheme pastel with a focus on the colors you want to dominate depending on whether your decor is for a boy or girl or a unisex Baby Shower.
  • Then create a hot air balloon with a basket and balloons.
  • Also, carry the color scheme from the food into the decor.
  • Finally, use a balloon garland, arch or wall in pastel shades to extend the theme and give it height. Click here to follow our DIY Balloon Arch tutorial.

up and away party favors

In conclusion, a big Thank you to Magnolia Party Planner for this wonderful stunning party set up! It’s a lucky birthday boy!

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