Viral Video Advocates for Separate Ob-Gyn Waiting Rooms

There are so many little things that can be unexpectedly hit after a pregnancy loss. From casual questions to looking at nursery items while shopping or advertising online, these little things can often add up to a stressful experience during tough times. But one mother suggests a small change that could make a big difference in the lives of those who have lost.

India Batson, known as @india_batson on TikTokhas gained widespread attention for her viral suggestion that ob-gyn offices should consider implementing separate waiting areas for patients who have experienced a miscarriage and those who are currently pregnant.

“If you lose, I want to have a separate waiting room from the regular waiting room. Sitting in that waiting room next to tons of pregnant women while you’re waiting to come back just to get a blood test to see if your hCG is back to zero is really annoying,” Batson said before softly recounting her own experience.

“I didn’t expect that it would be so emotional when I returned to the place to get my blood drawn where I found out that the heartbeat was gone,” she tearfully recounted. “I didn’t expect this gust of emotion to return to the room. It was like, ‘Oh, this is when I found out there was no more heartbeat. Like, I don’t know how to explain. It felt like it brought back all the emotions … Losing a pregnancy is hard.”

Social media users across TikTok and Instagram were quick to chime in with messages of support for Batson and recognition of how difficult pregnancy loss can be. “Sitting there when a couple comes out smiling with ultrasound pictures is like a punch in the gut,” wrote one commenter. “I agree. I completely agree. I also feel that we need a big change in our system and how they take care of PPD. I could also rant about this for days,” added another.

Other users shared their stories of how their doctors were sensitive to their absence, whether that was with a quick walk-in or a separate entrance. “My OBGYN has a “no wait” policy for patients who come in for a loss. When they can’t get you into a room, they put you in a nurse vitals station,” added one woman. My OB in my car texted me when she was ready and let me in the back door. She has a special room with no birth announcements and stuff. That should be the norm. I’m so sorry, ” added another.

While separate waiting rooms or accommodations like those described above may not always be possible, it is important that parents continue to share their stories to make a difference. “I work in Healthcare design and will keep this in mind now,” added one user.

If you are struggling with pregnancy loss, you can find support and community through our Miscarriage and pregnancy loss community forum.

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