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What’s Inside the Target Baby Registry Welcome Kit in 2023

Setting up a baby registry is a great way to let your baby shower guests know what you need. But let’s be honest, getting a bag full of freebies is pretty sweet too. Deciding which brands and items to include in your registry is a little easier when you have a kit full of samples that you can review first. The Target baby registry welcome kit gives parents-to-be $100 worth of samples and coupons. All you have to do is set up your Target baby registry and pick up your kit at any Target location. Then you’re ready to create your Target baby registry checklist filled with all the necessary items.

How to Get Your Target Baby Box Welcome Kit

The Target baby registry welcome kit is a fantastic perk for first-time parents who want to check out baby registry items before adding them to their list. The kit includes approximately $100 worth of full-size items, samples, and coupons for future purchases. When you sign up for enrollment, you are eligible to receive your goodie bag. You’ll receive a barcode that you can print and bring to the guest services counter at one of Target’s 1,900 US locations Show the barcode, and a member of guest services will hand you your bag full of freebies. Target recommends calling your store first to make sure the kit is in stock.

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What’s in the Free Target Welcome Bag?

Full-sized items, including bottles, sample packs of diapers, and coupons for baby products, can be found in your freebie bag from Target. You can see and touch different items, and it’s a great way to figure out what you want to add to your baby registry checklist. Below is a list of what you might find in your Target baby registry welcome kit.

  • Baby bottles: You never know what kind of baby bottle your child will choose. That’s why it’s good to have a few different types available in the beginning.
  • Diaper rash cream: Essential for preventing and treating diaper rash from wet diapers.
  • Baby wipes: Sample packs of baby wipes are great to throw in your diaper bag. Not just for changing diapers, wipes also clean sticky fingers.
  • Diaper sample pack: Often in a pack of three or four diapers, this is also an easy addition to your diaper bag as you stock it for the first time.
  • Stretch mark cream: The expectant mother can start using this cream as soon as her belly grows to heal and prevent stretch marks.
  • Prenatal vitamins: This is another important one that helps mother and baby get the necessary nutrients.
  • Gentle laundry detergent: Newborn skin can be sensitive to scented detergents. Wash the baby’s clothes in a mild detergent made for delicate skin.
  • Pacifiers: Like bottles and nipples, your baby may prefer one pacifier over another. It’s a good idea to have pacifiers from several different brands to see which one your baby likes best.
  • Baby bottle dish soap: This soap is made specifically for baby bottles and nipples to keep them clean and hygienic.
  • Baby body wash: Gentle body wash is essential to have on hand for your baby’s first baths at home.
  • Gripe water: Gripe water helps with upset tummy, colic, hiccups, and fussiness.
  • Nose wipes: Nose wipes help clean your baby’s nose when they have a cold and help prevent irritation compared to regular tissues.
  • Full-sized baby item coupons: Extra savings on other baby items are a big plus with all the samples in your welcome kit.

What Are the Benefits of Creating a Target Baby Registry?

As one of the best baby registry options available, there’s a lot to love about registering at Target. In addition to the welcome kit, perks include a convenient shopping experience, discounts, and a one-year return policy.

target infant enrollment discount
  • Discounts and extra savings: Target enrollment completion discount gives parents 15% off any last minute purchase for their baby. A discount coupon is sent about eight weeks before your baby’s due date and expires six months after. Coupon can be used for online and in-store purchases and can be used twice. Target RedCard holders receive an additional 5% off purchases, and Target Circle members receive additional savings.
  • Different products: In store and online, Target carries a large selection of products from top brands, including Johnson’s, Pampers, Huggies, Honest, Graco, and Fisher Price. You’ll also find exclusive brands Cloud Island, and Cat & Jack.
  • Easy shopping experience: Gift givers who shop online receive fast, free shipping on orders of $35 or more, or if they use their Target RedCard. Loved ones who prefer to shop in person can choose from 1,900 Target locations.
  • One year return policy: Taking the time to travel to the store isn’t always convenient for new parents. That’s why Target gives you up to one year to return new, unopened items purchased from your registry.
  • Add items from anywhere: You don’t have to visit a Target store to add items to your registry. The comprehensive app lets you add and modify registry items from your smart device. The mobile app is available for iOS and Android users.
  • Extras that make your life easier: Need more help figuring out what to add to your Target baby registry? Target’s checklist breaks down baby items into categories: baby gear, feeding, diapers, and toys. Click on the drop-down menu for each category to see a list of suggested items and start building your registry. Target also offers gift tracking so you can see which items were purchased from your registry and which loved one. Page personalization allows you to add photos to your registry page and create a custom URL to share with family and friends.
  • Mark Your To-Dos: Let family and friends know which items are your top picks on your registry. When you add products to your Target baby registry, mark your favorites as “most wanted.” You can also add notes to your registry if you want a specific color or design of a specific product.

How to Get More Great Baby Deals

You don’t have to tie yourself to one enrollment option. A registry may not have everything you need, and you may want some additional perks. Along with Target’s baby registry, consider signing up for Amazon’s registry or Babylist. With each registration, you will receive an additional welcome kit full of goodies and discounts. Babylist also sends parents-to-be a box full of freebies when they register. Other perks include giving cash gifts, group gifting, an easy-to-use app and helping and delivering coupons for things like home-cooked meals or dog walking.

Amazon also has a list of perks, including having one of the largest selections of products from large to small businesses. The site is also easy to navigate, and they offer group gifting. Those who sign up for an Amazon baby registry also receive a welcome box of samples.

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