WATCH: Pro-Life Man Hilariously Trolls Women’s March: I’m Not Paying for Child Support, “Your Body, Your Problem”

Wearing a T-shirt with the message “Say NO to child support #ProChoiceMen,” pro-life advocate AJ Hurley trolled Saturday’s Women’s March in Washington, DC to expose the hypocrisy of abortion activists.

Hurley posed as a male abortion activist at the march, using a megaphone to shout phrases like “Your body, your problem!” and “Hide your womb in my purse” to the crowd. His stunting is part of Live Action’s novelty satirical video series #ProChoiceMen.

The Women’s March supposedly focuses on rights and protections for women, but Hurley’s protest exposed how its support for abortion is the opposite. According to Live Action, the point is to show how abortion “mainly benefits” selfish and abusive men.

At one point in the video, Hurley addresses a small crowd of abortion supporters, telling them: “Consent to have sex is not consent to take care of your little thing, the little thing rolling on the ground. Babies are rude. I don’t want to take care of that.”

In another part of the march, he called out his gratitude to women for marching because “abortion rights” benefit men.

“If you can kill what’s in your womb because it’s your body, then I can keep my money because it’s mine,” Hurley said, making an argument against child support. Later, she continued: “I don’t want to take care of your children. So just kill it. … Don’t pay me for this.”

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Clearly some of the Women’s March participants did not like his message. One said to him, “I hope you fall,” and the other chased after him and struck him with his sign.

Early feminists described abortion as the “ultimate exploitation of women” decades before the practice of killing was legalized across the country. Today, abortion of unborn babies is legal in most of the US, and heaps of evidence show how irresponsible men coerce, threaten and coerce women into aborting their unborn babies to avoid liability. Some abuse or kill the mother and child if she refuses.

When the series launched, Lila Rose, president and founder of Live Action, said they decided to use satire because they wanted society to rethink the view that abortion helps women.

Rose also emphasized that there are many good, responsible men and fathers who protect and take care of women and children.

“We know there are so many good men who DO value the women in their lives, and want to be loving, responsible fathers,” he said. “You might be one of them! It is these real men that we need to build up and encourage them to influence the culture.”

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