Willow 3.0 Breast Pump Review

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  • What is this? Willow 3.0 Breast Pump
  • Why we love it: It’s a hospital-grade pump that doesn’t require hanging cords or bottles, allowing you to move freely while pumping.
  • How much is this? $350 (down from its normal price of $500)
  • Where to buy it: Amazon

One of the biggest disses of pumping we hear from moms in the What to Expect community is that you’re tied to a wall. Not literally, of course — but if your pump is one of the many models that require a power cord while you’re using it, it can feel frustrating to sit in one place for so long. Enter: the Willow 3.0 Breast Pump, which $150 off today for Cyber ​​Monday at Amazon.

The Willow lets you do almost anything while you pump, thanks to its unique hand- and tube-free design. This sleek double electric pump tucks into your bra, and you can choose between six different flange sizes to get the best fit. Perhaps one of its most impressive features is the fact that you can literally move 360 ​​degrees while pumping, as long as you use the brand of waterproof milk bags (24 of these are included in the pump, but you can also opt for reusable containers to reduce recurring costs). That means you can jog, do yoga, lie down to sleep or carry your baby while pumping milk.

Breast pump game changer

$150 from Willow 3.0

$550 $400See More

You might worry about the Willow’s battery life because it’s so portable, but fear not: You can pump up to five times on a single charge. This pump is also tech-savvy, thanks to its accompanying mobile app that tracks your pumping sessions. We appreciate the fact that it can be washed by hand or in the top rack of your dishwasher, too.

Here are some reviews from parents in the What to Expect community of this game-changing pump:

“I love love my Willow Gen 3. … I can lie down and bend over with my Willows, which I’ve heard you can’t do with Elvie. It’s a different kind of absorption, but I had no trouble getting used to it.”

“I love the Willow 3.0! It takes some troubleshooting and a lot of double checking…but once you get the hang of it it’s totally worth it! I use them first thing in the morning to pump while I brew I have coffee and I’m able to get the maximum … in that 20 minutes.The 3.0 has better suction options so you can increase or decrease as needed.

“I LOVE my Willows at work! I found I increased my output by using them 3 times a day at work. It’s great to put them on and get back to work.”

Of course, one of the biggest drawbacks to this pump is the hefty price tag, which is why we get so excited whenever it goes on sale (which we rarely see, by the way). If you’re interested in a wearable pump, we recommend adding the Willow in your cart while it’s marked for Cyber ​​Monday before the sale ends. And if the price tag is too high, the same strong, cordless Willow Go Hands-Free Double Electric Breast Pump is 25% off now ($263, marked down from $350, on Amazon.)

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