You Helped Kyle be a “Joseph”

God is still writing the incredible story of grace that you helped make possible!

In a pregnancy, the baby’s father doesn’t always get a say in what happens. In this work, we often hear about fathers who leave the decision up to the mother, are unavailable, or try to force the mother of their baby to abort. We don’t always hear stories where a father is the voice for LIFE, but thankfully there are dads like Kyle*!

At first, Kyle’s girlfriend, Tyra*, wasn’t really open to anything he had to say about their baby… She goes back and forth about what she wants to do but seems determined to have an abortion… even though he’s willing to be there for her and their baby. When he tries to tell Tyra that, things get heated, and the relationship ends.

Kyle swallowed. He wants to meet his son! But he can’t seem to find a way to convince Tyra. Kyle was lost, not knowing what to do or where to turn.

Confused, Kyle turned to God. Throughout the fight with Tyra, he longed to return to the Lord. He began to pray, asking the Lord for direction. A few days later, his prayer was answered. Kyle’s mother has always supported him and his desire to father his baby, and she told him about the Care Net Pregnancy Line.

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The next morning, Kyle called the hotline. He wondered how much help or support they would give him since he was the father of the baby, not the mother. He was amazed at how he was received with more compassion and support than he could have imagined. Kyle hung up with a renewed spirit and renewed faith in Jesus. Although she still doesn’t know what Tyra will do, she finds more hope in the Lord to not give up life for her unborn baby.

Thanks to your generous support, more fathers like Kyle will find the compassion, hope, and help they need to choose life for their unborn children and support their child’s mother. Thank you for helping Kyle become “Joseph” through your support of our hotline.

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