Products We’re Loving for December

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It’s no secret that in December comes many social obligations. Regardless of whether you are an introvert or extrovert, the last days of the year are usually filled with parties, school events, and family gatherings. All month long, we don our best sequin-covered party outfits and gather with others to exchange gifts, eat delicious food, and toast holiday-themed cocktails until the end. another long year.

If you find yourself hosting one of these holiday affairs, chances are you’ll need to decorate the house and be ready to entertain guests of all ages. For those who don’t want to throw a party (*ahem*, me), it’s important to show appreciation to the person who took one for the team by inviting everyone to their home with a nice host gift.

We’ve got you covered because holiday hosting is the theme for our December Editor’s Picks. We’ve curated this list of celebration-worthy products everyone’s thinking about—and hopefully, it’ll help you check an item or two off your shopping list this holiday season.

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