Your December Baby’s Birth Flowers Sure Will Give You a Reason to Celebrate

December is the beginning of the winter season. While you can expect snow and cold nights, if you welcome a baby this month, they’re sure to keep you warm. Your December baby is destined to be an optimistic, cheerful child who inspires hope on the darkest days.

What are December birth flowers?

If you had a baby in December, his birth flowers would be the clean paperwhite and festive holly. Just as these flowers bring new life and cheer to the coldest months, when it comes to predicting (or celebrating) your child’s personality, they offer a beautiful vision: an easy-going, adaptable child who sunny disposition inspires hope in all he meets. .

Paperwhites: Blooms in mid-winter

While all members of the narcissus family – think daffodils – are some of the first flowers to bloom in spring, paperwhites really have a special trick up their sleeve. These flowers are very easy to “force” indoors – meaning paperwhites can bloom at any time of the year. And what better to accompany you through the winter months than some bright white blooms?[1] Perhaps because of their ability to bloom year-round, especially when other plants go dormant for the winter, paperwhites symbolize rebirth and new hope.[2]

You can expect your December baby to be adaptable and, like the paperwhite, can thrive in almost any situation. As he grows, you’ll always be able to turn to him for a new perspective, and you’ll love experiencing the world again through his eyes. If this doesn’t give you new hope, his infectious optimism certainly will.[3]

Holly: A symbol of joy and happiness

You’ve probably heard this one before: deck the halls with boughs of holly. So it should come as no surprise that one of December’s birth flowers is holly. Although you’re more familiar with holly’s appearance in winter — glossy, evergreen leaves and red berries — holly’s sweet-smelling white blooms are a special sight every spring. However, in winter, this bright green and red tree sustains wildlife when other plants are dormant and provides some cheerful color to a winter landscape. They are a symbol of hope and joy to come. For this reason, holly became an important fixture in Roman and pagan holidays (Saturnalia and Yuletide) and was later adopted into the celebration of Christmas.

The Holly kids light up every room they enter — they give everyone a reason to celebrate. And as he continues to grow in his cheerful disposition, you won’t be surprised when your child teaches you how to find joy where you least expect it.

Incorporating paperwhites and holly into your family life

Add some festive, year-round pops of green and white to your home with your December baby’s birthday flowers. Not only are they beautiful, seeing them around you is a fun way to honor your baby’s brave, yet joyful soul.

  • Bring the paperwhites. Grow a live bouquet any time of year (especially December!). Everything you need “force” white papers inside the house are three light bulbs, clean pebbles, a shallow container and water. Feel free to place the whole project in your favorite ceramic pot or basket for some extra flare.

  • Tackle some simple landscaping. Holly trees are easy to grow in a wide range of climates, and they provide beautiful foliage, seasonal fruits and of course, flowers. American holly grows from Massachusetts to Florida, and as far west as Texas and Missouri, but if you’re not in their native range, there are still plenty of other varieties to experiment with.

  • Deck the nursery. Grab your glue gun and give it a try minimalist felt holly wreath for some year-round nursery decor, or try your hand at a fresh holly wreath winter is coming. Rather skip the DIY? It’s easiest to find fresh holly decorations at your local florist exactly when you want them: December!

  • Have fun in the kitchen. Although there are many holly-themed sweet treats to be baked this time of year, these holly wreath cookies is easy to make and perfect to mix with your favorite preschool sous chef.

  • Try a family art project. Need a rainy day activity to entertain your child? Try it coffee-filter holly garland craft. Your toddler will love turning their marker drawings into watercolors with a few (ok, many) spritzes of water!

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