10 Books for Parents We Love for National Reading Month 2024

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We know that, as a parent, you’re probably short on free time, but you might be surprised at how much reading you can squeeze in during a feeding or pumping session, while waiting in the school bus pick-up line, or as long as you let. your child runs around the backyard to get some fresh air now that spring is just around the corner. If nothing else, you can always pop in your earbuds and listen to an audiobook while running or walking in the stroller. Seriously, being a parent doesn’t mean you have to give up the joy of reading (it might take a few years before you can speed through your entire book in a week, though).

Since March is National Reading Month, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to share some of our favorite books for parents. You’ll find books about postpartum depression, data-driven research, how to split household chores with your partner, and raising your child—as well as a few fun activities for good measure. So charge your Kindle and get ready to celebrate the literary month.

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