A Not-So-Scary Halloween Mantle For A Kids’ Playroom

As my kids get older, I find myself with more freedom to add a pinch of spookiness to our Halloween decor. It’s an exciting transition from the cute decorations we’ve had in the past to something a little spooky. But don’t worry, we’re still keeping it pretty subdued – think “Not-so-scary” Halloween Mantel!

Our mantel this year is a great mix of classy and creepy, starting with these cute ones white pumpkin. They are a fantastic feature to frame the fireplace and the best part? They are fake! So, maintaining them is as easy as pie (or should I say, pumpkin pie? 🤣).

This year, we have a new theme to play – skeletons! But before you think of a full blown haunted house scenario, let me assure you, it’s a lot more subtle than that. The first skeletal touch came in the form of these wonders fire resistant skulls. They are absolute showstoppers, and even though we don’t usually light a fire in the fireplace, on special occasions like family movie nights, we do. And boy, these skulls add a spooky vibe to those nights!

Next up is a unique touch to our skeletal decor – skeleton themed candles! They give off Haunted Mansion vibes, which I absolutely adore. Even though they are designed to hold candles, with small children around, I prefer to play it safe and avoid real flames. So, I appreciate how they double up as standalone decor pieces. To maintain the eerie ambiance, I used fake candle from Amazon that provides perfect mood lighting without any fire hazard.

Adding some fun to our skeleton theme, we have a poseable skeleton. Kids love this kid. They can bend and twist him into all kinds of positions, adding a playful element to our decor.

Besides, I’m scattered small skulls (also from Amazon) in some miniature pumpkins, adding a surprising element to our classic pumpkin display.

Our smart TV also got in on the Halloween action! Normally, it plays children’s shows or movies, but when it’s not in use, it displays it interesting framework wallpaper from Etsy. It’s a small detail, but one that really adds to the overall Halloween vibe.

Our beloved batthat used to be hanging out, found a new home in the children’s playroom this year. They are a cute and fun addition that kids really love. Plus, I think they add just the right amount of creepiness to the room.

My absolute favorite addition to our Halloween decor this year is the witches hat ensemble, inspired by none other than Harry Potter. As a huge Potterhead myself, it’s been a lot of fun incorporating a little Hogwarts magic into our home. Last year, I went all out Harry Potter themed decorationbut we had to reduce it this year because of some adjustments. Hats are really part of our exterior decoration last year, but this year they found a new home inside. I love how they look, and they are popular with the kids too!

So there you have it – a ‘less scary’ tablecloth for your ‘less little ones’! As the kids get older, I get excited about the possibilities for our Halloween decor. I can’t wait to continue pushing the boundaries and adding more spooky elements to our home. But for now, I appreciate these people where children still appreciate a little whimsy and fun in theirs Halloween decorations. After all, it’s about creating magical, unforgettable moments as a family. happy Halloweeneveryone!

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