Easy pregnancy, Magical Unmedicated Hospital Birth Story, then the Shock of Postpartum

First time mom Jenni had an unmedicated hospital birth in Austin, TX in June of 2021 that was 13 hours from start to finish. She had an easy pregnancy, a magical hospital birth, and what she describes as a shocking and difficult postpartum. Jenni and her son had latch issues, followed by triple feeding, followed by exclusive pumping at 14 months. Jenni was diagnosed with postpartum depression and anxiety around 6 months postpartum. Around 20 months after giving birth, other health issues arose and she was also diagnosed with a prolactinoma (pituitary tumor); treatment continues. Jenni credits the KYO Childbirth Course and The Birth Hour with giving her the courage to switch providers at 28 weeks pregnant!

Jenni Gordon’s bio

Jenni is a lifelong dancer and dance educator, and is currently training to become a classical Pilates instructor. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife, son, and dog, Lady. You can find Jenni on Instagram @jennibegordon.


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