Gift Guide 2023: The Ultimate Gifts for the Fitness Lover

As you guys know, I’m an avid gym goer (I just finished my home gym!). Between equipment, accessories and clothing; here’s the best gift guide for the fitness lover in YOUR life!

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1: Hopefully Fitness Bands

These fitness bands have truly changed the game for me and my home workouts! I use them a lot and couldn’t do without them!

Use code ‘LAUREN’ at checkout for a discount!

2: Compact and Home Workout Machine

This may go without saying, but this workout machine has been a COMPLETE game changer in my home workouts. I really don’t need a traditional gym with this machine! While it may be an investment, my husband and I use it almost every day, so I’d say it’s worth it.

3: Hex Dumbbells

These are the dumbells we use and I love them!

4: Pack of Bombas Socks

These socks are a must wear during exercise and you will really feel the difference! What a great gift for a runner/someone doing high impact workouts!

5: Spill Proof Tumbler

This tumbler is sure to find its way onto every gift guide 🤣 And for good reason!

6: Weighted Slam Ball

These are the slam balls we use in our home gym and we love them!

7: Wireless Headphones

Again – these headphones open every gift guide 🤣 Don’t forget, Beats has two versions of this, so make sure see both.

8: LED Don’t Quit Sign

My home gym is covered on motivational quotes/posters (see the tour here). I love this one and it really elevates the space!

9: Best Workout Leggings

These are my hands favorite workout leggings. Can’t sing enough praises!

10: Protein Powder

This is bestProtein Hot Chocolate protein powder out there! I use it every day, and I especially love it on my !

Use code ‘LAUREN10’ at checkout for 10% off!

11: Adidas Ultraboost

These are my favorite sneakers to work out in! My husband and I both own a pair, and I own several colors. Love. They.

12, 13, 14: Motivational Posters

As I mentioned, my home gym is covered in motivational quotes/posters. These are just a few, see the full list here.

15: FP Movement Sports Bra

I love this sports bra! If you’re close enough to your gift recipient to know what bra size she wears (and what fit she likes when working out) this is a great option!

16: Fitness Deck

This fitness deck is incredible and adjustable!

17 + 18: Platoon & Seat cover

Peloton won’t be surprised because I often talk about it in IG stories! Especially since we work out at home, it’s nice to have the option to take a class with an instructor!

19: Supplemental Subscription

I’ve been using AG1 for several years now and can’t sing enough praises for them!

Shop from my link and save 10%!

20: Exercise Ball

Again – this is an item we have in our home gym and use often! Highly recommended!

Be sure to check out my other holiday gift guides, and have a Happy Holiday ❤️

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