How To Gain Clarity and Transform Your Wellness Journey

“I spent years obsessing over the scale and diet after diet, counting calories, recording every bite, saying I can eat anything today because I’ll ‘start’ tomorrow…

When I turned 50, I promised myself that I would never “diet” again and that I would stop obsessing over the numbers on the scale.”

These are words from my recent client, Naomi.

Naomi and I met for a 60-minute Clarity Coaching session — my newest nutrition coaching offering.

🎯These tailor-made sessions are great for self-starters who are ready to take their health goals to the next level.

During our session, we reviewed his detailed intake form so I could understand where he was, and more importantly, where he wanted to go in the next 3 months.

I don’t need to be ‘skinny’; curvy is fine with me— although I’m overweight enough that I’m self-conscious in workout pants and sleeveless tops. I don’t like to “think” too much about disguising body parts when dressing.

He is very clear, “I wanted to find tools to eat and exercise the right way to lose weight without obsessing over it. I’m tired of guessing or looking up/reading what is right and wrong.”

What I got from Naomi is that she has a great understanding of “healthy eating” and took a big step in May to join a new gym and has develop a consistent strength training which he was really looking forward to.

Before he met his new trainer, he went to the gym because that was what he ‘had’ to do to lose weight and was a more thoughtful activity, or to cross off his daily to-do list.

These are the mindset changes that change the game!

He is eager and ready to implement small adjustments to his nutrition, ready to start making progress toward his goals.

What we discovered right away— parts and misinformation is tripping up his progress.

(Spoiler alert— misinformation is a huge stumbling block for many clients… and social media is only supposed to tell you about anything you want to believe. 🙄)

He read that intermittent fasting is beneficial for weight loss so he skipped breakfast, ate a small lunch, all of which caused him to eat dinner hungry. (Bonus, Naomi loves to cook!).

This like like this would be a good strategy; exercise in the morning, fast to reduce calories most of the day, then eat a healthy dinner as the main meal. 🤷‍♀️

This strategy did NOT work for him for several science-based reasons that I helped explain.

After 60 minutes of information gathering, and establishing his baseline, we developed a detailed action plan that he was ready and able to experiment with.

We go over individual suggestions in detail so that he has a clear understanding of his actionable steps forward.

Implementing small adjustments to his nutrition timing, hand portions, and shifting macros to be more protein-centric versus carb-centric are skills he’s willing to work on.

At the end of the 60-minute session, she left with written material to help support her action plan, and new coaching knowledge to help her take the guesswork out of her nutrition AND to support her workouts.

PROGRESS REPORT, TWO MONTHS ON: “I have more energy in the gym and throughout the day. I sleep better and my clothes are a little looser! I’m on the right track and it feels great!”

Are you like Naomi who isn’t quite seeing the results you’re after in your nutrition and fitness journey?


CCS is made for self-starters like you who are ready to take their health goals to the next level.

Here’s what to expect in a Clarity Coaching Session:

🔍 In-depth 60-minute online session (via Zoom)

📝 Detailed action plan to be implemented immediately

📱 Ongoing support with 4th, 8th, and 12th week check-ins

The investment? Only $99 for a session that can be done change the course of your wellness journey.

🍒 And here’s the cherry on top…

Act fast, and you’ll also get a BONUS 30-minute check-in session. This is the extra help you need to stay on track.

Are you ready to take the first step toward a healthier, happier you?

Email and let’s schedule you for a sessiontell me → “Coach C, I’m ready to have more clarity!” and let’s start this journey together.


Coach Cassandra

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